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From the AACFS Conference in Seattle, 2001.

The maximum volume of oxygen consumed (VO2-Max) and CFIDS appear to have a strong correlation, and VO2-Max appears to be abnormally low in individuals susceptible to CFIDS (A Genetic Factor). The VO2-max for the normal population is 34-38 cc/kg/min. This implies that CFIDS patients are unable to burn oxygen at the normal rate (hence the tiredness and other symptoms of hypoxia)

Presentation #26 Snell, etc "Comparison of Maximal Oxygen Consumption and Rnase-L enzyme in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome"

  • RNase L ratio < 0.6 had VO2-max at 23.1+/_ 0.7 (n=27)

  • RNase L ratio > 0.6 had VO2-max < 20 (n=51)

Presentation #24 VanNess etc "Assessement of the Functional Impairment by Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"

Impairment VO2-Max
none-Mild 23.4
Mild-Moderate 18.4
Moderate-Severe 13.6
Severe 8.0



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