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Vitamin D Prospective Studies
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Vitamin D increases effectiveness of antibiotics

"Blood levels of 25-hydroxy-vitamin D were measured at baseline, day 7 and day 49, and the study also assessed anti-mycobacterial immunity by means of an assay that measured mycobacteria levels by attaching a luminous probe to mycobacteria.

Mycobacterial immunity was 20% stronger in vitamin D recipients after six weeks, but among those who were vitamin D deficient at baseline the difference was greater. Vitamin D recipients in this subset had mycobacterial levels 49% below those of the vitamin D-deficient placebo recipients (p<0.0001). "

The disease described above is an APS illness, so it is very relevant to CFIDS.Note 49% below means that those that were not given extra Vitamin D has almost DOUBLE the infection levels.



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