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Vitamin A Pulse
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Once 2000 IU/day of Vitamin D is reached and the body appears adjusted, there is an experiment that you may wish to try. The medical literature basis of it is shown below.

"Often when some kind of infection like the flu or a cold hits an intake of 100,000 to 150,000 IU for not more than three days will effectively turn on the immune system to the extent that the infection is stopped."

See: for a list of citations impact of Vitamin A on survival for various illnesses.

Lyme Impact: "vitamin A may lessen acute Lyme arthritis pathology by blocking IFN-gamma and IL-12 synthesis."

Vitamin A's RDA is 5000 IU. A 7" carrot provides approximately 10,000 IU. A carrot at each meal will get you up to 30,000 IU/day.

With 2-3 weeks between:

  • Intake 10x RDA for three days (50,000 IU or 5 carrots)
  • Intake 20x RDA for three days (100,000 IU or 10 carrots)
  • Intake 30x RDA for three days (150,000 IU or 15 carrots)  This may be done by simply drinking one litter[4 glasses] of carrot juice in a day
Caution: on day 4, it can get "wild" for some people. Dizziness, brain fog etc. This is to be expected from the immune system turning on -- Gradually increase the pulse size and allow recovery time between pulses. You may notice a drop in temperature after pulses because the exposed organisms have been reduced or eliminated.

Note: that it you notice the immune system kicking up, you may wish to stop taking more, or reduce the amount

Note: Vitamin A from natural sources (i.e. carrot juice etc) does not have toxicity, so if you can do it that way, it is likely best.

  • a modest meal of carrots and liver is about  100,000 IU,

Cod liver oil

12,000 IU (1 tablespoon)

Liver, beef

35,000 IU (4 oz., 113 grams)

Liver, chicken

6,000 IU(1 liver)


20,25o IU (1 carrot)

Sweet potato

26,680 IU (1 sweet potato)


5960 IU (1 cup, chopped)

Butternut squash

10,920 IU (1 cup, cubed)

Red pepper (sweet)

8,490 IU (1 cup, chopped)


8,060 IU (1 mango)


5,150 IU (1 cup, cubed)


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