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This branch of the web gathers information about treatments by their common names or approaches. Typically one substance may be used in many treatments

Length of Treatment

If most cases of CFIDS are variants of Hughes Syndrome, than looking at treatment time for other Hughes Syndrome infections may indicate how long treatment needs to be:

Bacteria Infections with Hughes Syndrome Treatment Duration
Leprosy (systemic or Multibacillary)  1- 2 years with combination of 3 antibiotics (World Health Organization)
Rickettsia Infections  3 - 24 months with combinations of antibiotics  (Dr. Jadin)
Tuberculosis  9 months with multiple drugs (CDC)
Syphilis (long term infection)  3 weeks of penicillin  (with ~ 15% failure rate)
Q-Fever (Coxiella burnetii)  1.5 - 4 years with multiple antibiotics  (CDC)
Mycoplasma  9 month - ? years  (Prof. Nicolson)

The general impression is that at least one year with multiple antibiotics (often concurrent).



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