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Testing TH1 or TH2 dominance usually has no treatment significance unless you are doing an experimental treatment that is designed for one of the other dominance [Example,}. In this case, where the intent of the treatment is to shift between these two, being dominant in one and shifting more towards this will cause your immune system to be further out of wack and likely make you more vulnerable to some other illness.

A good description (With lots of pictures!!) is at:

Remember - there can be three states:

  • Balanced (includes moderate shifts)
  • Strong TH1 Dominance
  • Strong TH2 Dominance
Measure TH1 Dominance TH2 Dominance
IL2 High Low
IL4 Low High
IL12 High Low
IFN-gamma High Low



"Unfortunately, the methods they use to measure intracellular cytokines are fraught with technical problems of such magnitude that they are suitable for research only and are not suitable for clinical diagnostic applications. Should any reader feel inclined, contacting any manufacturer of any of the monoclonal antibodies (e.g. Becton Dickinson/ Pharmingen) used in the assay to identify the cytokines will provide clear confirmation of this."


The following are labs identified on the internet as offering Th1/Th2 panels. We are neutral for recommendations.



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