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Wobenzym is a commercial combination of enzymes consisting of :

  • 100 mg of pancreatin
  • 1 mg of chymotrypsin (equivalent to 5 ľkat)
  • 45 mg of bromelain (equivalent to 225 FIP units)
  • 60 mg of papain (equivalent to 164 FIP units) papaya fruit extract, affects digestion
  • 50 mg of rutoside x 3 H2O


  • It has been recommended by alternative health types for correcting coagulation.
  • "no effect on blood coagulation and fibrinolysis"

We have tried Wobenzym and found no apparent benefit (we were taking bromelain also). Friends taking Wobenzym without bromelain have reported positive effects.The main beneficial ingredient appears to be bromelain which may be purchased cheaper.



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