For almost five years now we have been ordering our Piracetam from a person in the Czech Republic who has CFIDS. Piracetam is an over-the-counter item there so she may buy it easily. Piracetam (is now OTC in the US via online sites) may be legally imported for personal use to the US (but not for resale - hence you can't do it thru a "buying club").

The process is simple, we wire-transfer or Western-Union payment to her bank in the Czech Republic and then she sends the Piracetam in monthly shipments that are sent by registered mail (Sorry, no VISA or Pay-Pal). This arrangement has mutual benefit-- we get it at cheaper than most internet source, she adds a small mockup which allows her to buy supplements to help her CFIDS. We usually order in 6 month quantities (to reduce the % that the wire transfer or western-union charges). Of course, the exchange rates between euros and US$ impacts the pricing. This piracetam is manufactured in Europe with European prescription drug quality control.

If you ever encounter problems, please inform me by the Comments. Thanks!

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