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Natto or Nattokinase is an enzyme that exhibits strong fibrinolytic activity. Natto is a kind of fermented soy bean-cheese used in Japan. This characteristic is not from the soy but the fermentation (produced from Bacillus subtilis). It is available in many Asian grocery stores (refrigerated) and has a nutty taste (may take a little time to 'acquire' a taste for it).


I found that although it takes a few days to get accustomed to its unusual texture and taste, that I had a "healthy craving" for it 1-2 times a week. I noticed a jump in mental clarity - suggesting that it affect different coagulation products than [piracetam, serrapeptase, lumbrokinase or bromelain] did not effect. We are very fortunate as we can get 5-6 different types at our local grocery store.

In late 2003, my daughter and wife started taking Natto-K. Both of them found significant improvement within one week (2 capsules per day).


  • appear to reduce lipid peroxidation and improve lipid metabolism.
  • enhancement of the fibrinolytic activity, increase production of tissue plasminogen activator.
  • "inactivates plasminogen activator inhibitor type 1 and then potentiates fibrinolytic activity"
  • having four times greater fibrinolytic activity than plasmin.
  • help to prevent arteriosclerosis, as they appear to reduce lipid peroxidation and improve lipid metabolism
  • Increased activated factor VII levels



  • good dietary source of vitamin K.
  • potential interference with oral anticoagulant treatment
  • High tyramines content - do not use if you are sensitive to moldy or fermented foods (blue cheese, pickled herring, anchovies for example)


Care should be taken with mixtures -- often they have a high percentage of cheaper components. (2004) Prices has come down.  FU indicates the amount of active ingredients.




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