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Experiences 1
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The following are reported experiences during stage 1. If you have additional experiences, please email or post on support group.

Positive Indicators

  • "slowly increasing my vitamin d intake weekly.. probably less than 50 i.u at a time as it increase my temperature at least one half a degree temporarily making me sweat and very uncomfortable ... it has also felt like i am detoxing"
  • "Several people on InfectionAndInflammation2 (including myself) have noticed an increase in the frequency of bowel movements -- from 1 every 2 days to 3-4+ /day, as well as softer stools."
  • "With 1000IU of Vitamin D, I found that my temperature increased to 103F and stayed there for about three hours". [Note: dosage should be reduced to a level that has less temperature increase]
  • "Niacin like flush after taking Vitamin D".
  • Loss of weight in overweight PWCs
  • Gain of weight in underweight PWCs
  • Increase of body temperature (from typical sub-normal PWC temperatures)
  • Increase in walking speed, greater exercise tolerance.
  • Decrease appetite for sugars and decrease tolerance of sweet food.
  • Possible decrease need for thyroid medication
  • Possible decrease in 1,25D levels
  • Enjoy being outside more
  • "I am glad to say all the pain in my neck and shoulders/back has gone. I wonder if it is connected to the fact I started one tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil last Thursday and also I have been sitting in the sun a fair bit since Saturday. "

Negative Reactions

  • Skin eruptions:
    • May be due to infections
    • May be due to too much folate (B9 - Folic Acid) being taken[Info].
    • May be due to fillers in vitamins


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