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Captain Dave Williams protocol is involving.

"My first theory to explain CFS was low Cortisol over time in agreement with Dr. Baschetti in Italy. We got together and he taught me how to use licorice extract.

Then I ventured over to excessive nitric oxide as the cause of CFS. I worte a paper that was spread around the internet by a well-known Frenchman. Martin Pall got a copy of my work from this Frenchman and then published it under his name about 3 months later. I was no so upset because I knew the theory was flawed because of the immune imbalance in CFS was tilted toward the TH-2 profile. The immune system needed to be titled toward TH-1 if NO was elevated so I knew the theory was flawed and abandoned it.

I then went on to develop what I call the Vicious Circle Theory whereby hyperimmunity due to an old viral infection (measles, herpes and etc) over time resulted in cellular damage in the pituitary and hypothalmus and this lead to the failure of the stress response which lead to low Cortisol and more hyperimunity. The point being that the original cellular damaged caused by the immune system resulted in low Cortisol and a constant hyperimmune response.

I still like this theory but it is only one of about 100 ways one can end of with HPA axis failure so no real need to single out one cause. Bottom line is low Cortisol over time due to HPA axis failure is the cause of CFS. It is not curable and only manageable with steroids --- hence this group.

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Although it has not be noted for a lot of success with other patients, it is interesting as a supplemental protocol and shares many of the same supplements.

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