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Comparison of ARBs
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There are currently seven drugs on the market that are angiotensin II inhibitors. The table below shows characteristics of each of them and may be helpful for your MD in selecting the best one for your situation.
that Candesartan improve migraines, and the same would be expected from Telmisartan(the other ARB that crosses the brain barrier).

The newer ones are excluded: Eprosartan, Tasosartan and Zolarsartan.

  • They increase fibrinolysis (breaks down coagulation)
  • Generally CFIDS patients have low blood pressure (OI) so a BP drop is not necessarily good.

Main Source of information:

Chemical Name Losartan Olmesartan Valsartan Irbesartan Candesartan Telmisartan Eprosartan
Brand Name Cozaar Benicar Diovan, Novartis Avapro,Squibb Antacad Micardis Teveten
Weight Gain Risk        
Introduced 1995 2002          
BP Drop 8/5.5 12.5/11.5 7.5/4.0 10/6.5 10/6 9.5/6 7.5/4.5
Affinity for the AT2 receptor 1,000 12,500 20,000 8,500 10,000 3,000 1,000
Half Life 6-9 hrs 13 hrs 6 hrs 11-15 hrs 9 hrs 24 hrs 5-9 hrs
P450 enzymes
HIGH None None HIGH Modest None None
Known interactions ketoconazole,
Crosses Blood Brain Barrier No No No No Yes Yes No
Reduces Inflammation Studies  


  • MRHD - Maximum Recommended Human Dose
  •  P450 enzymes is a factor for drug interactions.
  • Reduces Inflammation often occurs in combination with other drugs. See the citations above or see current medline listings (there are several new studies being added every month)




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