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Coaguation Triggers
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If your CFIDS is coagulation based (especially if there is a coagulation defect) than things that will trigger coagulation should be avoided. The following are known general triggers

  • Infections - viral and bacterial (includes some vaccines)
  • High temperature (heat stroke) [*]
  • Allergens (including perfumes and chemicals)[*]
  • Alcohol
  • Some stimulants:  amphetamine . Searches should be done on medline for [drug coagulation] and [drug thrombosis] before using any drugs.
  • Electromagnetic (radio waves, electrical fields) (medline has several additional articles without abstracts)
    • electromagnetic storms, electronics, powerful electric engines, power lines
    • Use low radiation monitors, check microwaves for leakage, minimize the use of cell phones, avoid power transmission lines etc,
    • Fluorescent lighting is often identified as a problem (these lights includes a transformer that steps up the frequency from 60 cps to 400 cps) -- See Lupus Antibodies on right
  • Low Air Pressure (Aircraft flights)
    • prothrombin fragments 1+2 increased 2.5 x
    • thrombin-antithrombin complex increased 8.2 x
  • Fluorides
    • Avoid fluoridated water and toothpaste. Refuse fluoride treatments offered by dentists.
    • Bromides can neutralize heparin
  • Mercury (leaking amalgams - fillings)
    • Replace fillings with non-mercury fillings at the first sign of deterioration
  • High fat meals (Factor VII)
  • Exercise -
    • "under normal circumstances exercise prevents thrombosis, there are cases in the literature that indicate a connection between exercise and the onset of thrombosis"
    • "fibrinogen, and hematocrit (measurement of the concentration of red blood cells in serum) specifically increase during acute exercise"
    • "running at 70-75% VO2max resulted in elevated clotting and fibrinolytic activity"
      • Editor Comments: Normally both increases in balance - the presence of Hughes' antibodies would allow coagulation to increase faster than normal and result in a net coagulated state.
  • Estrogen (including birth control pills)
    • increasing the risk of venous thrombosis
  • Adrenaline (produced by stress)
    • Increases platelet aggregation, platelets becomes hyperactive
    • May greatly stimulate the rate of growth of mycoplasma and chlamydia (increasing the production of antibodies that destabilizes coagulation)