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According to the CDC, there are no definitive tests for CFIDS because a CFIDS diagnosis requires no abnormal test results. In reality, one clinical test set finds abnormality in ~ 95% of people with a CFIDS diagnosis, and when this abnormality is corrected CFIDS is substantially eliminated (collateral damage to some body systems may not reverse itself). This test is not part of the regular battery of clinical tests that most MDs will ask for.

This Primary constructive test is the Immune System Activation of Coagulation (ISAC) Panel. It is a very important test to determine if you have typical or atypical CFIDS. See for detailed information about this test.

Secondary constructive tests are for pathogens (infections).  These tests attempts to identify what infections may be involved with CFIDS. These infections can cause coagulation (thick blood) and a multitude of symptoms. These infections may have occurred because of CFIDS or may have contributed to the start of CFIDS.

Often these infections are viral infections -- infections that are never eliminated by the body, rather controlled. If stress, poor nutrition, overtiredness, etc. occur --these infections may re-activate, triggering coagulation and weakening the body.

A multitude of other clinical tests are available which can provide a wealth of information about how CFIDS is adversely affecting you. Most of these tests do not have well defined treatments to correct the test results (hence not constructive)



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