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Chelation therapy is a series of intravenous infusions containing (E.D.T.A., ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid - synthetic amino acid) and various other substances for the purpose of removing chemicals, plaque or other substances from the body. It is a religious issue with many.

  • Chelation therapy is a recognized treatment for heavy metal (such as lead, mercury) poisoning. EDTA, injected into the blood, will bind the metals and allow them to be removed from the body in the urine.
    • If tooth amalgam has contributed to CFIDS, there is a benefit from this treatment.
  • There is no compelling evidence that it helps with heart disease or circulation . Often the evalutation of the results is subjective and not the result of clinical tests.
  • The mechanism of removing calcium / plaque depends on the release of parathormone (PTH). PTH is also released by exercising .
  • Often EDTA solutions will contain heparin and other substances ,

Alternative Chelation Approaches are listed on the right -->

and Alpha-lipoic acid


  • Chelation advocate patients to "A proper diet is also important. In short, this means limiting the intake of saturated (mainly animal) fats, as well as, the use of refined products and sugar. Furthermore, your diet will need to be supported with nutritional supplements: mega-dose vitamins, minerals, trace elements, (co)enzymes, etc. " Often patients will change these habits because of chelation which has made it difficult to evaluate if chelation caused the change, or the change of habits!


  • Kidney function can be (temporarily) diminish
  • A variety of discomforts are reported
  • Some vitamins and minerals are depleted and must be replaced by supplements
  • The presence of Heparin and other substances in the solution may interact with other medications.
  • Osteoporosis risk (same as with heparin).


The absence of objective measurements on the effect of chelation given its use for almost 40 years is an area of major concern to me. There is no significant health risk in doing it, although there is a significant cost that is unlikely to be paid by insurance. My own feelings is that bromelain, serrapeptase, piracetam, and niacin will have an equal or greater result than chelation at a significantly reduced cost and less inconvenience (up to 40 - 3 hr sessions).



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