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Angiotensin Receptor Blockers
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FLASH: See Risks The foundations of this approach appears contrary to CFIDS literature.

There  may be some merit of these drugs due to their impact on inflammation may cause the easing of symptoms. At this point of time, Telmisartan, appears to be the best to investigate due to:

  • Ability to cross the brain barrier
  • Dosing simplicity of every 12 hrs
  • Better than linear plasma concentration with dosage

The general course of treatment suggested consists of:

A discussion group on this general approach is available at:

There is a need for regular appropriate monitoring see Risks.

Recent research(2004) from Europe has shown that Angiotensin Receptor Blockers have their anti-inflammatory impact increased significantly with the concurrent use of  statins  .

Public Background Information on MarshallProtocol

This protocol was popularized by Trevor Marshall, who alleges that he suffered from sarcoidosis and self-treated himself into remission [According to the NIH "the chance of recovering from the disease is good. Most often, the disease goes away within a few years." and "Sarcoidosis–whether acute or chronic–rarely results in death." ].

The exact details of "The Marshall Protocol" does not appear to have been published (and thus not reviewed by the general medical community) and does not appear to be publicly available.

  • Trevor Marshall is not a MD, "Dr. Marshall offers a full spectrum of consulting services in technologies ranging from Internet Infrastructure through RF, Hardware, Software, Audio/Video"
  • He was also the CEO of YARC Systems Corporation (OTC: YARC) from Jan 1988 until it ceased operations in 2000. The SEC Filing describes him as:
    "Dr. Trevor G. Marshall has been Chairman of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer, since he founded Yarc Systems Corporation, Inc. in 1988. Dr. Marshall has extensive experience starting and managing companies which specialize in electronic equipment and related parts. Mr. Marshall is also a Contributing Editor for He is widely recognized as an industry expert on LINUX and Internet computing technology, writing a regular column titled "Trevor's Linux" In addition to Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from the University of Adelaide, South Australia, Dr. Marshall holds a Doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Western Australia."
    • It also cites prior legal actions including (see document for full context):
      • "a suit for libel against an individual resident of Denmark"
      • "a fine ... against Yarc[Marshall's firm] for disturbing Stantech's market under the Danish Marketing Act"
      • "received a letter from Seiko Epson Corporation and Epson America, Inc. (collectively "Epson"), alleging that certain Internet domain names registered by the Company in March 1999 constituted the unlawful use of the EPSON trademark."
      • " received a letter from Visual Edge Technologies Inc., alleging that an Internet domain name registered by the Company in November 1998 constituted the unlawful use of two trademarks."
      • "received a letter from Electronics For Imaging, Inc. ("EFII") alleging that the Company's
        ColorSync technology infringed on patents"
    • This legal filing was signed by Trevor. Note: He states (in 2000) that it is a "Doctorate in Philosophy". A PhD means a "Doctorate OF Philosophy IN [Some area]" See google

See and for additional information on the "Marshall Protocol"

RISKS For protocol described at

  • Major weight gain ( > 30 lbs) has been reported by some CFIDS patients using Benicar and avoiding vitamin D (see ) -- see CALCIUM for detail discussion
  • Reducing 1,25 D may increase Breast Cancer risk. "a protective effect of 1,25-D for breast cancer in white women" has been found
  • A high percentage of CFIDS have reported loss of strength [suvrey]. This appears to be a by-product of the reduction of vitamin-D
    • Medline articles connecting low vitamin D levels with muscle weakness.
  • Life-threatening angioedema  (Angioedema is the development of large welts below the surface of the skin, especially around the eyes and lips.)


I believe that the this approach has limited merit and huge risks, but because of recent emails from persons associated with There is the appearance of low (or zero) tolerance of information by some of its advocates to questions or serious issues about the popularized protocol at that site. Trevor appears to have filed legal actions against one or more individuals who are alleged to be critical of this specific protocol [Example of some filings may be viewed here] as well as additional litigation.  It has been alleged by some that at least one action was dismissed as a nuisance suit or the suit was withdrawn when threaten with such a counter motion (i.e. Anti-SLAPP).  2005-01-09



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