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CÚcile Jadin
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CÚcile Jadin, MD   is a surgeon in South Africa who had a friend with CFIDS. She recognize the symptoms as consistent with a Rickettsia infection from her father's(Professor JB Jadin) work at the Pasteur Institute. Her father worked with Professor Charles Nicolle (Nobel Prize for medicine in 1933), who was a disciple of Louis Pasteur.

Her success cause her office to be flooded with CFIDS patients in South Africa. She has no special interest in CFIDS, simply recognized the similarity and solution from her family inheritance of medical research experience in illness and treatment. All treating physicians are recommended to read her paper on Rickettsia.

Although the protocol is specific for rickettsia infections, the antibiotics used are the same used for other infections.

Of all of the antibiotics protocol, her protocols have the shortest time to remission and appears to have the lowest rate of relapse. It was a variation of her protocol that resulted in my remission.

C. Jadin's Literature is on the left menu (Posted here with her permission).

Additional articles may be found at Cfs Research. She published a book in 2002.

  • A Disease Called Fatigue. By Cecile Jadin. 2002; Bryanston, South Africa: hph Publishing.

Her father's articles include:

  • "The inconspicuous diseases of Ch. Nicolle; superimposed diseases are the cause of immunity failures" Arch Inst Pasteur Tunis. 1986 Mar;63(1):97-9
  • "Rickettsiosis 50 years after the death of Charles Nicolle" Arch Inst Pasteur Tunis. 1986 Mar;63

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