Data Mining Surveyor

A common issue with data mining is random investigation of hunches which often failed to produce significant results. We take the term significant results to mean statistically significant results — often a data miner will see a pattern in a graph that they read as confirmation of their supposition.  The pattern and supposed relationship exists in the eye of the beholder and is not statistically significant.

The Data Mining Surveyor automatically explores that data looking for statistically significant relationships. In some cases, the relationship may be time dependent such as leading indicators, trailing indicators or seasonality (X11).

Typically, the Surveyor is set to work at the end of day and grinds through numbers until the user starts the next morning.

A Cloud version is in development that speeds up the surveying (and depth of surveying) through the use of cloud resources.

If you are interested in evaluating this product, email Surveyor [at] Lassesen [dot].com.

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