We have done original research for possible solutions to technical issues or problems. Ken has a Master of Science in Operations Research, Statistics and Information Management. Mathematical rigor and lateral thinking are applied to technical issues.

A few examples of past research:

  • Statistical heuristics for evaluating multi-dimension data exhibiting Markovian attributes.
  • Statistical methods for auditing quality of service information of a hybrid system (part manual, part automated)
  • Implementing a RDBMS in COBOL using VSAM as the data store (1979)
  • Created the original “Object Explorer” control at Microsoft (Hierarchical tree supporting different images and fonts for every item).
  • RTF to HTML converter written in 4 weeks in 1995 (for publishing MSDN on the web)
  • Creating AJAX applications in 1998 to address high latency and low bandwidth issues with Microsoft Licensing Explorer.
  • Creating a set of auto-localized .Net Controls to minimize development time.
  • Creating a novel implementation for effectivity dating of rules on SQL Server.
  • Creating a novel implementation for a hybrid policy-language/role based access control system


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