We are very flexible and often can fill a high-level skill shortage on a temporary or ongoing basis. Often there is a need for a powerful resource but not sufficient work to keep such a resource fully occupied (or worst, the resource would be sucked into other work); a contract resource is often an elegant solution.

  • Clean Room Blogger — Often NDA’s can make it difficult to be effective with social media and blogging. A person that is not an employee who understand’s the firm’s missions and goal is a good solution. The blogger can be effective in seeking the firm’s goal with risk of a clear N.D.A. violation.
  • Standards Representation — Often there is a clear need to have a representative on a standards committee but a firm encounters two problems:
    • They do not have ‘spare resources’ to allocate to this activity.
    • Their resources do not appreciate the nit-picking and often obtuse nature of standards definition. They become very ineffective in this “academic sphere.”
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